Virtual Paralegal Services are on a Rise

Firms and corporate businesses across the United States have been experiencing significant increases from office space to salaries on the rise and everything in between.  Here at SPS we are seeing an increase in demand to utilize our virtual paralegal services so firms can lower their operating costs and retain more profits without decreasing the amount of work that needs to get done.  In most firms today, there are fewer hands to do the job to accomplished certain tasks, especially when it comes to document review. Because of the rapidly increasing costs, most firms are not in a position to add additional employees to their payroll and incur all taxes and benefits for each employee.  Here at Studebaker Paralegal Services ("SPS") we offer you the quality of work your firm is accustom to at a significant cost of hiring staff.



How Utilizing a Virtual Paralegal Will Benefit You


All firms strive for a busy case load, but one they can manage.  Why turn away a client when SPS can help you with all your paralegal needs.  When using our services, you will find:

  • you will have more time to focus on pressing matters;
  • we can help you manage a heavy caseload;
  • we will assist your paralegal(s) on an as-needed basis or on-going; 
  • we can provide your firm with paralegal support during your paralegal's absence;
  • we have the flexibility to provided your firm with as much help as you need;
  • the quality of your family time will increase; and
  • you will rest better at night knowing you have our full support.

When to Consider Using Virtual Paralegal Services


When is the time to take full advantage and outsource your paralegal needs to SPS:


  • when hiring an employee isn't an option or doesn't make sense;
  • you do not expect the need for additional support to last indefinitely;
  • you are faced with extensive document review;
  • delegating particular tasks to SPS so you can focus on other pressing issues; 
  • trial help when you need it;
  • available when you need the help;
  • last minute help; 
  • and the list goes on.

Why a Virtual Paralegal is Cost Effective With SPS


Solo practitioners to large size law firms have all been faced with rising costs along with the needs of the firm changing, can be challenging.  When utilizing SPS's virtual paralegals services, you eliminate the employer/employee relationship.   Therefore, you eliminate and/or reduce your overhead expenses with the following: 

  • extra office space;
  • office equipment;
  • employee benefits;
  • unemployment costs;
  • worker's compensation;
  • continuing education for employees; and more. 

We are Just Down the Hall


When utilizing SPS's virtual paralegal services, you will feel we are just down the hall.

Experience in Various Areas

We  offer a wide range of paralegal services in various areas of law from personal injury cases to commercial and complex litigation cases throughout the United States. 

Ms. Studebaker's is our lead national senior litigation paralegal with over 20 years of experience.  Her true passion and expertise are in commercial and complex litigation.  Here at SPS, you will find we enjoy the many aspects of litigation from the initial stages of the case; reviewing documents; assisting with discovery; working with experts and of course, trial preparation and attending.